Monday, March 11, 2013

Just make a wish


It's been a while since my last time update a new entry..Hmm i had been thinking about something over and over again.Actually i had been dreaming about it for a quite sometimes.To make it worst,nowadays it like haunting my life now and then.Hmm what should i say more i had been dreaming to have a Pandora bracelet and amazing charms for my own.

However,by looking back on my preparation for wedding, i keep silent about having a set of pandora to myself.After all this item is my old time wishlist.Although i worked for almost two years but still i cannot get it until now.Huhuhuhu pity me :'(

Thus,by just looking a picture of that everyday hopefully can make me realized one day i can have it around my hand.Please pray for me..Thank you

p/s:If and only if I have a lot of money maybe I don't bother buying a stuff like that and put into my wishlist.Huhu

#All pictures credit to Google Images#