Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Journey to Korea:The Preparation


Alhamdulillah,as I keep my promises I'll write about my journey to Korea. Yeahhh,I'll divide this entry to a sub-entries depend on my enthusiasm to write and my free time.So readers (if I have a readers?? Cover face) please pray I have a lot of time to write a full story about our vacation to Korea.

::Okay lets begin with the preparation::

1.Flight Ticket

Actually, I bought flight ticket yearly before.Most surprisingly I bought without any doubt that I'll survive there.The excitement just because during December till February was winter season.I wanna exprience snow there.Luckily, I got to grab a promo ticket roughly around RM 700 accompanied by two friends. Without asking permission from my parents I felt uneasy.Thus,the next day I called my mom and ask her whether she want to join me to Seoul,Korea.I know my mom always dream that she at least once wanna touch the snow.Hehe I managed to persuade my mom and my lil sis to go with me too.All of us Alhamdulillah got the same promo ticket.
So the time goes on until last three months before going I started to do a lots of research about what best places to visit at Korea and so on.Most of the time I browse internet just to read a travel journey from other bloggers.Believe me it's very helpful when u have idea what will happen once u go there as well as u can plan your own itinerary based on your preferences.

2.Where to Stay?

As a traveller,the most important thing when we travel is where to stay.Thus, at Korea you have several options such as hotel,guesthouse,backpackers hostel as well as hanok village (traditional house of Korea) if im not mistaken. From my research,hotel is the most expensive rate compare to the others. For me, i prefer the most affordable place with private bathroom inside the room.Thus, through my survey I come across to this Namsan Guesthouse.Bloggers give a good review.It's easy because u only need to book online via email and pay upon arrival.They provide a free breakfast (bread, coffee,tea and ramen as well) The location are strategic to Myeong Dong Subway station and shopping outlets (just across the road).

3. Make an itinerary
Itinerary is among the important thing to do before we're boarding.Plan your vacation thus it make u easier to schedule what u'll done once u arrived until the day u come back.Compare and contrast among the places is good and know the direction as well.Itinerary will make u discipline to follow your own schedule if u have limited time there.

4. Enough clothes
Korea have four seasons thus it is good if you know the season before u go there.Like for me I go on January which is winter season.I should bring along a thermal clothes (to keep u warm) most probably shirt from wool (cotton is useless) as well as winter coat and winter apparel (hand sock,shoes,mafla and etc).U can buy winter coat at Korea as if much lower price compared to Msia.

5. Foods
Yup bring along enough foods there.Canned food and instant noodles are recommended.My mom more clever when she made a ketupat nasi and serunding. Actually it not difficult for muslim to find a halal food there.Go google and visit travel blog u'll find which restraunt is halal for muslim at Korea.

Yeahh last but not least is money.From my expenses, I only spend RM 2000 for 7 days at Korea including fares,transport,shopping and everything.After all,expenses is depend on your.Like me im a budget traveller that amount is enough.

p/s:I might miss something when i write this entry.Maybe later I'll add on extra information.Part 1 travelog to Korea soon.Wassalam

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Of Flashback and Future


Yeahhhhh,it's been a while since last time I visited my blog.I miss u already.Thus,today I have a spare time i wish I can write more about what had been happened over the few weeks.Alhamdulillah, I just come back from Seoul,Korea on 15th January last week.Perhaps I have ample time to write about my travelog at Korea.Very nice and beautiful place to go.Seriously,the lands of Allah are breathtaking.

Lets skip about Korea..Hmmmm,where should I start??!Ok lets me flash back to the year of 2012.Yup so much good thing happen last year.Here I made a lists (read:means many) what had been happened last year ::

Topic 1:Engaged :)

At the age of 25, where elderly said as the age of flower to fully blossom. Alhamdulillah,thanks to Allah Almighty I already ENGAGED!!!!This is the one biggest and important event that happen to me last year. I still remember when cikgu (i used to called him cikgu when talking to public and fb most of the time) propose me.It's so spontaneous even I felt like flying in the sky that it's really happening that one fine day I'll marry to someone that I adore for a long time.As manly as he always do, with direct questions and sentences he propose to marry me.Yup I still remember the moment eventhou he propose me through message from handphone.Hehe..he must be touched if I tell that I actually wrote down everything about his wedding proposal inside my one safekeeping place.Now,we're counting a days to become husband and wife soon.Hopefully everything going well parallel with Allah blessing.I want to become his wife and a good muslimah with excellent attitudes.Please pray for our happiness.InsyaAllah.

Topic 2:Work as government servant

Like I told before at previous entry I have gone to interview for government hospital and Alhamdulillah last year after merisik about 2-3 weeks time Allah answer my prayer.I got a job as government servant at Hosp Ipoh.Actually, there were a big issues regarding my job, place and everything.It's because before I got gov offer I already got job offer at two workplace in swasta.Both job offers suit mine until I can't decide where should I go coz at the first I already fixed my mind to go for swasta.I dont even check the offer letter from gov until last two day before "lapor diri" my mom advised me to work for gov.Huhuu,it's been a crucial time for me to surrender with my dream job and decide to follow my mom advised.As hard as I accept the gov offer letter I still fighting to be in the new environment.Everything is new for me once I enter gov sector.As far as I remember, once I told cikgu that i dun want to work anymore. I only want to be with him at Sarawak once we get married.So lack of mind that time.Then after a few months I already accept that my mom choice is not bad at all.Actually is good coz now I develop many skills in term of testing adults and paeds as well as learnt a new thing about cochlear implant.I'm feeling lucky because this is one of the satellite hospital in Malaysia.The best part is I work with my clinic supervisor from Kuantan.It made my day at clinic pretty much easier as I already had experience with her during practical time as student.

Topic 3:A Gadget Collection

Since I started to work it's been a long time I dream to have a cool gadget as present for myself.It's like a reward to myself after I work hard. Since I student I have a dream list.Most of the time my dream list is a thing ( like cikgu always said to me)..Yeahh im a type of person to wish for a thing. Alhamdulillah,since my previous job in swasta I got extra money to buy my dream thing which is Apple's product.I like the concept of Apple coz of it exclusivity. I do a research before buy a thing but Apple product always my priority althou android product its more user friendly and most of the time apps are free.Now I own Ipad and also Iphone 4s. Its seem like I lil bit " riak" about my achievement if outside reader read this but forgive me.It is not to show I have everything but actually a boost for me to work harder for better life in future.In my point of view,own achievement is best to write so that we can keep track what we already achieved.

A New Year:AFamily Things & Wedding Preparation

As the eldest in my family, I really hope that I can help my family for a better future.I think that I still lack in term of supporting my fmly.I love them and I want to be as close as possible to them coz once a year passed means their age also increase.Hopefully this year is better than last year.One more thing,I lil stress with weds preps but hopefully with the support from fmly and cikgu it will be run smoothly.The alarm clock now tickling much faster. I need to prepare mentally and physically toward a wedding insyaAllah in the middle of the year.

Aamiinnnn ya Rab..Rabbi yassir walaa tu'assir rabbi tam'mi bilkhoir.May Allah ease our journey.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How I wish you

::Dedication to my beloved fiancee and soon to be my husband::

I wish you
To hold me tight

I wish you
Be on my side

I wish you
Grow old with me

I wish you
To read my mind

I wish you
Happy go lucky
As always

I wish you
Maintain cute & healthy
As a newborn baby

A year comes
But i feel loving you
Like yesterday we ever met
Still fresh,warm & blossom

We will create
A new path & more chapter
Of our life stories from now on
Until Jannah..In ShaAllah

Ur fiancee aka soon to be ur wife :)

p/s:If i could rewind the time i wanna fall in love with u since we're on the same class..I love you as u're :)