Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obstacles:A challenge to become a better Muslim/Muslimah


Hopefully everyone is fine and in good health and condition.Alhamdulillah we already went through a month of bless,a month with full of barakah which is Ramadhan Kareem.

Now we entering the Syawal.As for me i'm still not starting "puasa enam"..yeahh im fight with my energy and body to have a good starting point to fast during this month.Hopefully i can manage to fast before Syawal's end.InsyaAllah (as this entry keep in my draft too long alhamdulillah today i finish puasa 6 and now already turn to month of Zulhijjah)

Lately i lil bit of tym spending myself online coz i think i have no obsession towards a "fake life" anymore.I need a real life,a real life that you can spend a quality of time with your beloved one either your parents,family,friends or etc.However, i dun said that being online is totally wrong.It can be beneficial when we use it wisely such as knowing that ur frens will be married soon, A got a baby,B got engaged and etc ( why my example always surrounding with marriage?pardon me)

Actually the reason why i wrote this entry in this lovely saturday evening just because i want to share some thought after a very tragic episode happen to my best friends life.And of coz the identity will remain unknown.

Hmmm how to start??lemmee pause awhile..

This is a story about relationship.Yup a common relationship between boy & girl, man & woman that either we like it or not western called it as "couple".Actually couple is haram if both a still unmarried.

To make it short,my fren of my relationship are thru online,no meeting face to face like a real relationship.The best part is when the guy propose to marry her after doing a consistent isthikarah (pious type la ni).Thus,the girl do the same and after about one month she felt confident to say yes to that man.Then their relationship goes normal.However,in between time something happen.He even don't tell the gurl that actually his family already arrange a marriage to another girl in first place.He give false hope to her that now she trully fall in love to him and its ended like that.Very tragic story.

Thus moral of this story,don't give a false hope or in malay we called it "janji kosong" aka "cakap tak serupa bikin" to the one that love you.I admit i also made the same mistake before but i hope that the person will forgive me.If you cannot forgive me just pray for my happiness is enough.

To my dear fren,breaking up is painful but in positive perspective its give you challenge to be better muslim.Trust me because i also encounter this situation before. Rahmat from Allah is everywhere just we servant don't always look,seek and pray for Him.

P/s:i still learning and istiqamah to be a better muslim.Pray for me.Aamiinn