Friday, February 18, 2011

A short escape~


Hmm terasa janggal pulak bila lama tak menulis entry pnjg2 (nk btau mmg hobi menaip pnjg2)..haha bukan apa kerja kursus hmm btul ke x dlm bahasa melayu research itu kerja kursus mungkin kajian penyelidikan kot perkataan yg betul...huhu tula kdg2 sush nk cari bahasa melayu yg sesuai translate..mcm pelik gler je bunyi,,eceeceee ko speaking pn xhebat mana pn ckp lebat plak..haha sorry some words are difficult to translate in bm.that's all~

Ok enaf with explanation, let's me tell u wt i do during maulidur rasul public holiday..eheee guess wt i'd done???

Hmm..think ppl think it's maulidur rasul??wt th best occasion to celebrate our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) berselawat it's the best why to show ur respect towards him..Ok besides that we also dun some activities which is..yadeeebaaadaabuuu!!!

guess where??alaa area tc jgak tp kna jln jauh skit if nk mandi tmpt best

see the view..breathtaking ppl!!!

along the way to teluk tangkong..phewww


yeah it's our plan since i eager to go to beach picnic along time ago..but the plan just got cancel due to reason of heavy rain and news about crocodile escaped at teluk chempedak.. scary part tot!!

Thanks to suna coz make this plan become real after all..The day we went to go there heavy rain pour kuantan land..i dunno why maybe because of that day it maulud nabi then rain pouring the land just as barakah from Allah..miracle right after 2 weeks without rain suddenly we got heavy rain..i juz felt cannot have a chance to go there since it rain like cat and dog. Besides, it's dangerous to go swim in this weather..i really trauma with drowning,,huhu loser!!!

To make it short me with 4 group of ppl juz hoping that the rain will stop soon!!So we headed to the restaurant first for breakfast..hehe we all eat nasi lemak that really have a good taste..really luv the anchoives sambal there..tasty!!!

After about half and hour enjoyed our meal the rain finally stopped..yeahh we headed to the beach!!!We didn't bring along sandwich or wteva fud coz our purpose is to swim and enjoy the scenery there...hihi we swim about 2 hours before decided to go change clothes..haha i really happy coz i got a chance to swim in just a perfect day without sun shine too's juz gud to my skin not to burn badly..haha me not worn sunblock at all (look great ok..haha)

The best part was we got a mussels!!!Yeah a mussels.I got the biggest one..hehe (clap ur hand)
::Here the conversation took part
(conversation in BM coz to make it real to readers ears..ok poyo)

Suna: weh ak dpt kepah..tgk ni ada isi (smbil tgn tnjuk kepah)
Aku: wahh bestnya ada kepah tp nape ak xdpt pn lg..hmm sabar jela
After 10 minutes..
Tqah: yea2x ak dpt kepah lg besar
Suna:wahhh tqah dpt mak kepah
Aku: tgk la jap lg ak dpt ayah kepah trus..tggu (smbil kaki terasa terpijak bnda keras) smbil tgl trus korek2 pasir tu dan angkat tggi kepah tu tnjuk kt haaa kn betul ak ckp ak dpt ayah kepah..cuba korg compare skit size tu..hahaha

And after compared the size, my mussel is the biggset among all my frens collection...haha wt a lucky me that day~~

Here the collection from my fren and i

see the mussel i got..hehe (proud)

Mussels we got i boiled it using my fren multicooker pan and then ate with chillies sos..Fuhhh the taste of fresh mussel is really tempting..u shud try also!!!Lastly, enjoy the pics~

kami mandi di air surut tym ni..kalau air pasang kwasan ni tggelam

time to go back..wuhuhu~

mussels after of it had pity ~

p/s: 2 days of fasting make my body and brain function very well!!!chaiyok coz i reached the last part of research conclusion~