Friday, January 7, 2011

What is ABR???


Hehe..excited sgt2 arini sebab tepat jam 11.50 mlm td ak berjaya habiskn run data tuk subjek research ak sebanyak 20 org..haha kurasakan 20 org tu mcm 200 org tau x sbb bkn senang nk run data yg complicated, pastu tiap2 second kna check wave ada ke x..huhu sorry la klu x fhm,,saje nk membebel pg2 buta ni..

Hehe..disebabkn ak dh abis run data, ak skrg ni dlm stage menyiapkn draft chapter 2 & chapter 3 tuk research ak.adoii dh lama terbengkalai keja ak ni gara2 prob data research corrupt sbb msk dlm pendrve..huhu bru mggu lepas dpt detect bnda ni..punya la lmbt gler..ptt la certain subjek wave dia lgsg xleh nk view..uhuukk klu ak resolved prob ni awal2 sure tym cuti sem aritu siap dh ak nyr run data..adoii dugaan2!!!skrg ni ak nk kna buat table tuk sng ak ngn supervisor ak nk tgk dlm bape seconds ABR wave tu akan muncul..
Hypothesis semakin cepat masa detect, semakin bgus la stimulus tu digunakan untuk testing auditory function of baby.Yela kita tau kn bby cepat meragam, klu nk buat pape test pn kna buat quick & klu dr research ak ni hypothesis ini berjaya mknanya dpt kurangkn masa tuk test dgn guna stimulus tersebut..

Haha..kemain ak explain ntah phm ke tidak tu..pong pang pong pang saja pn xguna gak.bek ak guna figure nk explain semua bnda ini..hihi ok check it out!!!

Ok..this is picture of Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) test..Usually this test was done for newborn babies with high risk factors of hearing loss such jaundice that require exchange transfusion (tukar darah),premature baby, very low birth weight and so on so forth.It easY to use for everybody with special training most people able to run this test.It works as screening tool to detect whether baby have problem with hearing or not..As name is screening tool we can expect this test use PASS and REFER result. PASS meaning that baby have no problem regarding hearing but REFER means baby have problem and need to proceed with diagnostic ABR..The advantage of using this test are quick,low cost and no need audiologst to run the test. However, it have low sensitivity and specificity cause it's easy to get REFER result due to ear wax in the canal.

Thus to overcome it, we can use diagnostic ABR..For diagnostic ABR, the function still similar to previous AABR.In contrast, in this test we need an expert audiologist to run this test cause it need their evaluation to detect waveform of the ABR.Whereas in AABR the machine run it automatically..The main point here, i wanna said that my research is based on diagnostic ABR.

This is how was the look like of the baby that undergone ABR test..This test is a non-responsive hearing test where no need for baby to respond towards sound.We need to scrub away debris at the certain part of baby skin such as at high forehead, forehead, the back of the mastoid right and left ear..Then, attached with electrode that connect it to the computer to run the test.Besides, put an earphone to the baby's ears where the stimulus will give a sound to baby ears. When it happen, the auditory function will stimulate the sound and respond from the auditory nerve will be converted into certain waveform which is called ABR waveform..Thus, my research is dealing with ABR waveform now and there.

That is the simplified version of how electrode will be connected to the computer for auditory nerve response to sound.

This is the example of ABR waveform that one will produce once complete the test.Certain wave represent certain anatomical sites of ABR generator of auditory nerve.

Actually, to run the test the have certain criteria that need to be met. For instance, we need to check the electrical impedance (high electrical impedance cause distorted waveform), quite environment means very low external and internal noise as well as types of stimulus and parameters settings. In my research, i deal with stimulus factors. Stimulus means the types of sound you give to the patient to hear. Usually audiologist will use click or tone burst stimulus.However, in my research i wanna compare the new parameters of stimulus which called Maximum Length Sequences (MLS) with standard clicks (overall idea of my research objective)

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