Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be a positive thinker with positive habit!!!


Today, I just browsing my last year collection of pics and videos.Finally i found something special that i think it will benefit everyone who read this blog (not so many ppl read this blog actually)..haha wteva reason i still believe there is something valuable from the video that i can share with you..

Actually, this video is about the writer of the book entitled "Law of attraction" name Micheal Losier given speech at MPH Bookstore, Mid Valley regarding his book. Luckily, my lil' sis and I was there at that time..That's the good opportunity to listen on what he said.However,because we're in rush i just got to record the first part of his speech..but still it's precious moment for me coz i can meet him in person

Enjoy the video~

(sorry for shaking part coz it's just camera not a video cam)

::Summary from the video::
Get rid those 3 words which are:-

1. DON'T
2. NOT

cause if u use that words meaning that u're focusing the things behind it..Moral of the story use positive words cause u're what u think after all!!!

p/s:body and brain work together..