Sunday, October 4, 2009

A very long tedious week begins~

Hmm..wt shud i said bout diz month is so many thing to handle, done & need to complete before undergone final exam..God plz help me..huhu.Due to shortness of times to write a long story telling bout my activities. Here "The List" dat will make my mind clearly wt i'll do for diz week particularly.

Sat (3th Oct 2009)
8am-12pm: Learning process & special needs class (enjoyed d class although some topic might be boring)
4pm: Meeting with central for medical exhibition(MEDEX)
5pm-7pm:Netball class (tired already. legs cramp & hand ache)
8pm-10pm: Goin' out with Suna, Izza, Jaezah,Dayah, Aisya & Yati (yummy2x mkn steamboat)

Sun (4th Oct 2009)
8am-12pm:Netball class continued (very tough part. I need to use all techniques to catch the ball)
12.30pm-2pm: Goin' with Amnah & Kak Syafiah to wedding of brother of amnah fren (Syaz)
5pm-7pm: Again netball class. Late until 7.15pm + cant go inside my room cause i don't bring my room key..Huwaaa

Mon (5th Oct 2009)
9am-12pm: Here come the scary part. Hearing screening at Wisma Sri Pahang (still study for the clinic during diz moment)
12.30pm-1.30pm:Meet Br. Saiful to discuss bout replacement class
3.oopm-4.30pm: Go to Mydin to buy things for MEDEX & I-Quest
6.30pm-7.00pm:Meeting with member of aud bout the MEDEX & I-Quest

Tue (6th Oct 2009)
10am-11am:Meet sis Efa to settle bout equipment to bring for MEDEX. As well as go to ENT clinic to inform the driver of mobile clinic bout the schedule for this wknd.
11.45am-2.30pm: Arrived at Wisma Sri Pahang at start hearing screening
4pm-7pm:Accompany nik amnah to Kemaman (amik bju die yg tertinggal).Hmm sempat buka pose dlm keta
7.15pm: Arrived at Kuantan
8pm-10pm:Nik belanja plak tu.hehe.thanks nik =p

Wed (7th Oct 2009)
9am-12.30pm:Vestibular assessment class
5pm-7pm:Netball class
8.30pm-10.30pm:Aud amplification class

Thus (8th Oct 2009)
9am-12pm:Paediatric aud class
2pm:Appointment with optometrist (getting a new specs)
3pm:Subject for senior research (doing ABR)
5pm-7pm: Again netball class
8.10pm:Break fast with suna & jae at celup..hahaha (kenyang)
8.45pm-9.15pm: Sumthin happen..kak wardah's car couldn't started..ade plak insiden tolak menolak keta tym ni (thanks to classmates yg supportive).Btw, suna hampir eksiden gara2 dpt cal dr izza nk btau location dorg..Sabar byk2 suna (keta bru kot..huhu)
9.30pm-2.00pm: Final task and preparation for MEDEX.Walaupun kami suma penat tp kami enjoy doin' the task.Thanks to everyone yg involved even ade 2 manusia tu sedap gler tdo lgsg xhulurkan pertolongan..Haha jaga la next week dorg tu (ayat nk revenge)

Fri (9th Oct 2009)
10.30am-12.30pm:Research methodolgy class
5.30pm: Go to UIA Gombak for MEDEX