Friday, October 23, 2009

The missin' Nike's shoes..

What u feel when u wake up in the morning & juz realized that ur fav shoes missing on ur shoes rack??

To me it's really disturbin my feeling on dat day..How cud my fav shoes missin??If sumbody want to borrow it juz tell me n i can lend it to u..But in diz case it is missin not my fault of misplaced it..Yesterday i wore it and now it really gone.I'm still searching evrywhere and pray that 1 day the thief will give back my shoes..Huhu

I miss my Nike's shoes ='(

p/s:ade hikmah kot kasut tu hilang..Mybe pasni dpt kasut yg lg mahal (tp perasaan terkilan still ade sbb tu one of my fav shoes)