Friday, March 18, 2011

A long night


This is totally crazy..
i just got to sleep after watched dvd last night.but it seems i cannot sleep coz it's already past 1..

huhuhu..then i browse on9 and skyping with my not so lil sis..i brought the issue of inner cotton and that's why we turn into on9 shopping..crazy huhh~


In a meantimes my buddy had chatted with me..told me about hIS new crush and wtsoeva stuff regarding that girl..huhu i really dunno who exactly the girl that he talking but i just keep advised him in a way that not might get he felt even more hurt (so cruel)!!!!

I just feel that my frenz always refer to me when it come to lovey dovey stuff..
huhu i'm no good at all but i'm a person that can hear ur taught after all.
Hopefully he can marry to that girl (n_n)

After that, i got a chances to chat with my's been a month i didn't catch up with his news at new school (fox cave..haha translate to Gua Musang)..he as always encourage me to further study..

Hmm..with the lovely ppl around me i feel blessed to Allah!!!they're always ppl who care about us no matter how their ways to express it

Wassalam and good morning~

p/s:Currently the time is 3.19am~
need to take a short nap today..erkk