Friday, February 27, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It's been a very looooonggg time i paused about blogging..Yeah more than a year now from the last entry..Time flies too fast..i can't catch up and write what had happened last year perfectly..

Ok make it simple..lets recap what happen last year!!!

1.Alhamdulillah..i successfully delivered my precious Khaira Ajda on 10th April 2014.Although it very tiring struggling at OT since 8.30am till 5.30pm but Khaira's head doesn't enganged.From that moment doc decided for czer which i prayed it wouldn't happen to me..Huhu but after all i'm happy ibu once the first time i heard Khaira cried out loud..The moment i see her,my tears drop continously.Now i know how struggle my mom back then delivered me to life is not easy at all..

2.Then Khaira was breastfeed starting the day 2 of life.Haha this was the funny part when i started bf her..I just keep in mind i dont want to write here.

3.Later at the age of 6 months,i need to leave her at Tok Ibu house as i travel to London.Sapa tak sayang tinggal anak kecik dan suami wei!!! Luckily my husband is very supportive man gimme permission (padahal da lama duk ckp teringin nk p europe kt dia).Aku teringin sgt nk jln2 Europe coz yati just finished master and would be back to msia soon (now she undergoing PHD pulak so ada chance visit her again)..oh travel to euro for two weeks really made me believe a dream come true.

4.End of the year,i made a mistake about buying a house but with husband help we managed to get back the deposit ofthe house.Alhamdulillah